got sweet little lesbian bird tattoos with my gf

got a cute little bird tattoo today

so many of my friends growing up were queer and i was treated like garbage by all of them and now that i’m an adult and queer myself, im just supposed to believe that thin queer people, who were more than likely just like my childhood friends, actually did the work to unlearn their fatphobic behaviours and biases? no. you see i expect the hate from people who have never lived on the margins of society, but when it comes from people who know what it’s like to be ostracized… i want to isolate

i feel like i can’t relate to anyone right now because i’m having one of the best years of my life

learning about how the heart works makes me wanna

omg. finally able to sit outside and enjoy it.

i can’t believe yelp influencers are a thing

was i just asked out on a date or is this just a friendly hang? next week on what it’s like to be a lesbian


maybe there’s something wrong with me but listening to queers say they have sex for 12 hours has me 🤔 i just don’t understand how that’s possible

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One thing I’ve learned over time is that people will sacrifice any amount of privacy for convenience. If privacy focused alternatives are to gain any real traction with the public, they have to be as convenient as the massively invasive stuff.

semi nudie, bra/underwear situation, hot fat person 

sorry for causing the heat wave y’all

overconsumption has to be one of my biggest “head slamming against the wall falling on the ground screaming and crying” things

omg. i had the best day i’ve had in SO long. i feel so rejuvenated <3

im so happy we have an air conditioner right now considering how sick i got during last years heat wave

gun violence 

was woken up this morning about a shooting that’s happening right now about 30 km away. feels like i’m back in america 😀

anyone who thinks twizzlers are better than red vines needs help

the fatphobia from leftists is so real. i don't want to be apart of any community.


saying “anti-communists don’t interact” feels like a really un-nuanced thing to say

i feel like everyone i’ve ever met talks at 200km/hr while i’m over here at a modest 50 and then people wonder why i’m so quiet. give me a chance! to speak! please!

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